Providing Legal and E&O Insurance Services throughout California, Nevada & Arizona

Lawsuits and threats of suit against Real Estate brokers and agents have reached epidemic proportions.  Many of these actions are believed to be in the frivolous, malicious and nuisance category. Nevertheless, brokers and agents are forced to spend millions of dollars annually to defend themselves.  Due to the onslaught of this disease of litigation, Errors & Omissions Insurance premiums have risen dramatically in the past five years.

Because E&O Insurance was designed only to defend after a lawsuit is filed, brokers and agents have been faced with the problem of having no effective means to proactively avoid litigation.  The Real Estate Professional has become a primary target, placed "squarely in the sights" of those who take the shotgun approach of placing blame and liability.  Simply put, brokers and agents all too often are victims of "checkbook justice" and legalized extortion.  There has been no way out...until now.

Real Estate Risk Management, Inc. & Real Estate Risk Management Insurance Services, Inc.   Our purpose and primary goal is to prevent Real Estate Professionals from having serious legal problems or being sued.  We provide solutions by resolving disputes and eliminating threats of suit.  Our time-tested methods have resulted in a success rate exceeding 90% in dispute resolution.

Our Plans work in conjunction with your E&O Insurance or as a "stand-alone" legal defense program.  RERM retains the legal services of the best local attorneys--specialists in the practice of Real Estate law.  Each panel attorney retained believes, as we believe, that the most effective way to handle a potential problem is at the same time it arises, not after a subpoena has arrived.

It has become abundantly clear in the course of just a few short years that there is indeed a "disease of litigation" that is pervading the real estate industry.  If left unchecked, it will continue to manifest itself and threaten the very lifeblood of the real estate brokerage.  Real Estate Risk Management & Insurance Services, offers a strong cure, a cure that is vital to the success and survival of every Real Estate Professional.


"Providing Legal Peace of Mind for Real Estate Professionals" .